Adkins Family Music
These guys would get together every year or so and do some jammin'. Sometimes it would be in the basement, in the attic or sometimes in the living room. Jack is on the left, Craig in front and Norvel (Jack/Dad) is upper right. Occasionally they would do some recording and got some damn good tracks. Jack still plays professionally in the Tampa Bay Florida area. Craig is active in recording, writing and exploring more and  more into the use of the guitar. Norvel (Nickname Jack) played several  instruments when he was younger and then stopped to help raise six kids. Then as Craig and Jack became musicians he had retired and got back into music. His Dad, Golden George Adkins was a singer and musician and his brother Wally and his Family all sang/sing and play. We all got it honestly. We lost Dad in February 1999.
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Norvel Lee Adkins (Jack) 6/28/25 - 2/3/99 (Dad!) Raised in West Virginia fought in WWII, worked hard all of his life and liked to have good fun. Loved music. Played Acoustic Guitar Lead and Rhythm and sang. Liked blues, instrumentals, ballads, country, swing and light rock. Favorite artists were "Doc” Watson and Merle Travis, Chet Atkins Craig and Jack Adkins. We loved him as a Father, a beautiful person  and as a great musician and singer. We miss him.
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Vicky Lynn Adkins (Nicknamed “Boomer”) Raised in West Virginia. Sister Vicky learned to play bass on a dare. She eventually was in the studio with the Adkins Brothers doing live jam sessions. She had a good ear for music …. We lost her in 2012 and we miss her very much.
Betty Ann Hastings Adkins - 2/2/26 - 6/2012 (Mom) Raised in West Virginia. Sang in churches most of her life. She could sing alto and soprano. She was a choir member and was featured many times as solo. Her family was very musical.
Live Basement Session 1990
Listen to Vicky’s Bass Playin’
Live Session 2009 - Dad singing and playin’ rhythm guitar